We specialise in doing just that:
creating a snowball effect to generate cumulative change.
We do this through training, facilitating and coaching.
Our objective is to ensure that learning is integrated
for the overall benefit of the organisation.


What happens after a workshop is what counts. We believe the purpose of training is to change behaviour for the better. Therefore our focus is on creating learning that sticks.


We listen to our clients’ needs and make sure that what we teach meets those needs. We use experiential activities and clients’ real-world situations to produce genuinely applicable learning.


Happy brains learn more. We therefore aim to create an atmosphere of lightness and fun to encourage participants to try out new things.  We are imaginative in our approach and deliver with energy and sparkle.


If participants are to change the way they do things, they need to feel confident and motivated. We ensure ample opportunity to practice, receive feedback and practice again, thereby enhancing chances that learning is implemented.


Based on our many years’ experience both in the corporate world and the training world and in a multitude of different contexts, we offer clients a variety of insights to help them think differently.


We keep up-to-date with current thinking, both in business and in the spheres of adult learning theory and neuroscience and make sure our interventions reflect this.

We believe that a business gains its real competitive advantage
from better ideas better executed than the competition.
Being better inherently comes from the quality of
the people who work in the organisation.

Therefore, developing people requires the same level of attention and
ambition as organisations usually pay to the design and quality of their products or services.
And it is this which ultimately leads to better growth and better profits.

Snowball’s expertise lies in knowing how to facilitate a learning experience that works.
We pass on insights, ideas and experience to individuals in a way that they, in turn,
can pass them on to the people they work with for the benefit of the entire company.

Leadership development, team building and one-on-one coaching are our core competencies.
We complement these with a portfolio of talent development topics
such as presentation skills, managing transitions and communication skills.
Together we work out your needs and then shape solutions which maximise
learning and experiences for growth.

We have a proven track record in a variety of corporations
across a range of sectors.
We work worldwide and are used to working with different cultures
and with different levels in the organisation.

Organisations we have worked for:


We are a diverse team of professionals with vast experience both in the corporate
world and in the training world. We are enthusiastic and joyful about what we do
and can claim that our energy and our approach to learning make the Snowball
experience an unforgettable one.

bridget temple

curriculum vitae

bridget temple
A multi-lingual entrepreneur, who trains and coaches executives in global organisations, demonstrating a high degree of adaptability, cultural sensitivity and strong interpersonal skills.

Natalie Madsen-Oesterbye

curriculum vitae

Natalie Madsen-Oesterbye
Natalie is a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD and has a proven track record in the global corporate environment having worked for PepsiCo, Johnson & Johnson, Mars Confectionary and Pfizer.

Esther Goette

curriculum vitae

Esther Goette
Esther is a multi-lingual global brand building expert and leadership coach who helps her clients define their desired leadership impact which stems from their deeper purpose.


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